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2024 | The Year of the Story-Weaving Wind

Welcome to a whole new adventure in 2024!

Get ready to be swept away by the Wind-Bhoomies, a special bunch, also known as the Story Weavers. Their mission? To teach us the ancient art of story-weaving. Imagine strands of story fragments left in storycatchers for you to knit and knot into your own tales.

Trade story catches at the Floating Bazaar, bargaining skills at the ready! Should you get stuck, the Story Guardians will give you monthly tips and tricks to nudge you forward.

From raindrops that need to be sorted by size to muse-wrapped merbhoomies and tapestry weaving ants, the Bhoomies can't wait to entertain you with their stories.

To a story-rich year woven thread by thread.

Lielie & The Bhoomies

PS. Don't forget that you can turn into a pin to escape a tricky situation, no questions asked!

Included in this year's A3 calendar:
  • A Bhoomie or Two Every Month
  • Story Strands in Your Storycatcher
  • Tips from the Story Guardians
  • Floating Bazaar Trade Opportunities
  • Stories from the Bhoomies
  • Monthly Book Suggestion
  • Playlist
  • 12 Patterns for you to use as gift wrap
  • Eco-friendly printing on FSC-certified paper
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