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The Year of the Gift 

This year's first stop is at the Anticipation Retreat in January where a gift has become quite the tourist attraction. Bhoomies come from far and wide to anticipate the contents. Instructions, should you want to join in: You may look at the gift, smell it, lick the paper, shake it, turn it upside down, or dream about the contents, BUT

you may not open it

until February.

Then, in February, you’ll open the gift and play with it for the rest of the year. Without giving away your surprise, I can tell you, there will be cake, there will be fluffiness, there will be shape-shifting, there will be stories around the fire, and more! All you have to do is p(l)ay attention!

Wishing you a deliciously layered 2023 that goes deep rather than wide!

Lielie & The Bhoomies

Included in this year's calendar
  • A Bhoomie or two every month
  • Tips, Questions and Wishes for You by the Bhoomies
  • Monthly Book Suggestion
  • Playlist
  • 12 Patterns for you to use as gift wrap
  • Eco-friendly printing on FSC-certified paper

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