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2022 | The Year of the (Circus) In-Between

This year we’re celebrating the humble joy of the In-Between. The process. The space between getting up and posting a selfie. To see the In-Between in action, the Circus Bhoomies let us follow them around while they work.

We’ll say yes! more, travel using the Earth-Network, practice falling, teach, walk on whiskers, look up, way-find, make mistakes, untame some lions, stack people, hang upside-down and audition to be circus lights!

Hold on to your wickets. The Circus is coming to town!

Included in this year's A3 calendar:
  • A Bhoomie or two every month
  • Life Instructions from the Circus
  • Monthly Book Suggestion
  • Album Playlist
  • 12 Patterns for you to use as gift wrap
  • Eco-friendly printing on FSC certified paper
Lielie & The Bhoomies
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