Calendar 2021

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2021 | The Year of the Fine Line

(between good and misunderstood)

Tension in Bhoomieland? Not at all! Some of you wondered if Bhoomies are only happy and chirpy all the time or if they sometimes have awkward days too. So I asked them. They told me that, in fact, every Bhoomie has an inner Gloomie that can turn some days inside out and upside down. But no reason to despair! We all know how helpful an opposing opinion can be to keep things in perspective. To show how they keep things running smoothly, they will share their favourite tools with you:
  1. The Temperament Meter
  2. The Attitude Adjuster
  3. And for when you and your inner Gloomie have reached perfect equilibrium, Bhoomie Wild's Edge Expander.
Between Plants with Vanity Problems and Dogs with inner Cats, we totally have you covered in 2021!

Lielie & The Bhoomies

Included in the 2021 calendar:
  • 12 Gift wrap designs on the back of each calendar month to give your calendar a second life.
  • Short stories of the Bhoomies and their inner Gloomies
  • Portraits made for you by the Bhoomies of how they picture their inner Gloomies
  • Gloomie Care Tips and Tricks
  • Interesting nature facts, that's the starting point of everything in Bhoomieland
  • Bhoomie Book-Club
  • The Calendar-Playlist with both Bhoomie and Gloomie songs! 
The A3 Calendar is printed on FSC approved paper.

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