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2020 | The Year of the Sprouting Feelers

This year the Bhoomies are celebrating Mother Earth's buzzing-with-aliveness-feelers (antennae, whiskers, sprigs, antlers and other touchy-feely wonder receptors) and how she uses them to regenerate, rewild and reinvent herself all the time.

As part of the celebration, we’ve included a fun quiz and some creative prompts in the Calendar to guide you through the year.

I've also designed some beautiful patterns on the back of each calendar month intended as gift wrap. This way your calendar has a second life.

All the calendars are A3 and printed on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved paper.

Other fun features include:
  • Bhoomie Quiz: What kind of Bhoomie are you?
  • Did you know?
  • Creative Prompt
  • Bhoomie Book Club
  • The Calendar Playlist
  • 12 Patterns for you to use as gift wrap.
  • Secret message in the artwork: Can you find it?

May 2020 fill your heart with wildly sprouting possibilities! Simunye, we are connected, we are nature.

Lie-Lie & The Bhoomies

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